Add an entry to the document list

You add an entry to the document list so that you can tell iSiloX how to create a document. iSiloX provides two main ways to easily add new entries to the document list:

Three steps to a new document entry

In this method, you provide a title, the source content URLs or file paths, and the destination location for the document. These are the essential pieces of information needed by iSiloX to create a document. Follow these steps to add a new document entry:
  1. Hold down the control key and click anywhere in the document list and click Add from the context menu. You can also click Add in the Document menu.
  2. In the Step 1 of 3: Title panel, enter the title you want to give the document. Make sure you enter a unique title so that you do not have more than one document with the same title.
  3. Click Next to accept the title you have entered. The document must have a title, so if you click Next without entering one, iSiloX tells you to please enter one.
  4. In the Step 2 of 3: Source panel, specify the file paths and/or URLs of the source content for your document. You can add source files or URLs in any of these ways:
    • Drag-and-drop files from the Finder or Desktop to the source list window.
    • Drag-and-drop URLs or links from your browser to the source list window.
    • Click Add URL/File, type in the URL or file path, then click OK.
    • Click Add URL/File, click Choose, navigate to the folder with the files, select a file, then click Open.
  5. Click Next to accept the sources you have added. The document must have at least one source, so if you click Next without specifying at least one, iSiloX tells you to please specify the source.
  6. In the Step 3 of 3: Destination panel, select the HotSync® user to receive the document when it is converted. Or set the selection to Select a user name to not have the document queued for installation during HotSync®. In this case, you must at least specify a folder in which iSiloX will write the converted document.
  7. Make sure Convert the document immediately when I click Done is unchecked and then click Done. iSiloX then adds a new entry to the document list.


You can drag-and-drop files, URLs, and links to the document list window. Each file or URL creates a new entry in the document list. The title for an entry is based on the file or URL and the destination is whatever is currently set as the default. You can drag-and-drop using any of the following methods: See
Set default properties for documents for how to set the default properties such as the default destination for new document entries. See Modify a document's properties for how to modify settings such as the title and destination for document entries you have added to the document list.