Set default properties for documents

You set default properties for documents so that when you add a new document entry, you do not have to re-specify common settings.

One property for which you most likely want to set a default for is a default HotSync® user destination. By setting up a default HotSync® user in the default properties, each time you add a new document entry, the entry will automatically have that user added as a destination.

Other settings for which you most likely want to set defaults for are the image properties. If you went through the Quick Setup for HotSync®, iSiloX will have already chosen appropriate default image settings. In particular, iSiloX will have set up the color depth and maximum width and height settings so that images display optimally on your handheld according to its capabilities.

Follow these steps to set the default properties:

  1. Click Default Properties in the Document menu.
  2. Modify the properties to the defaults that you want.
  3. Click OK to accept your settings for the default properties.
For more information about document properties, see Document Properties.