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How can I set up iSiloX so that documents I convert install to the external memory card on my handheld when I perform a HotSync®?

You need HotSync Manager® 4.0 on the desktop and HotSync 4.0 on your device for support of automatic installation of converted documents to external handheld memory cards during HotSync®. If these conditions are not met, the iSilo™ install conduit can not transfer files to your external memory card.

Please note that on Mac OS, iSiloX version 4.05 or later and Palm Desktop 4.0 or later are required for this.

In iSiloX, you can add a HotSync® user destination and specify that the document go to the external memory card. You can add and remove destinations on the Destination tab of the Properties dialog for specific entries. To set default destinations for new document entries that you subsequently add to the list, modify the Default Properties, available through the Document menu.

Note that you must have iSilo™ installed in the internal memory of your handheld for the iSilo™ install conduit to transfer files to your external memory card. HotSync® will not call the iSilo™ conduit if you have iSilo™ installed on your external memory card.

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