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  • iSiloX 6.15 for Windows® released. Get it from the download area.
  • iSiloX 6.09 for Windows®, iSiloXC 6.09 for Windows®, and iSiloXC 6.09 for Mac OS X released. Get them from the download area.
  • The iSilo forum opens. It's a place where you can get support, be part of a community, and voice your opinions.

iSiloX is the desktop application that converts content to the iSilo™ 3.x/4.x document format, enabling you to carry that content on your Palm OS® PDA, Pocket PC PDA, Windows® CE Handheld PC, or Windows® computer for viewing using iSilo. It is currently available for Windows® and Mac OS/X. The X in the name iSiloX represents the "transformation" of content functionality provided by iSiloX.

iSiloXC is the command-line version of iSiloX, with the C denoting the command-line capability. iSiloXC is currently available for Windows®, Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X, and Solaris™.

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