Options: Proxy

iSiloX supports access of web content through HTTP proxy servers that either require no authentication or require only Basic authentication.

Proxy server

To have iSiloX utilize a proxy server, do the following:
  1. Check Use a proxy server.
  2. Enter the IP address (i.e., or the human-readable name (i.e., proxy.mycompany.com) of the proxy server in the Address field. Make sure that you enter the address of the server only and do not enter a web address such as http://www.public.proxy.com/proxy.
  3. Enter in the Port field the port number on which the proxy server handles proxy clients.


If the proxy server requires authentication, you can enter the user name and password in the User name and Password fields. As noted above, iSiloX only supports Basic authentication.

HTTP Version

If the proxy does not support HTTP/1.1, select HTTP/1.0.