Options: HTTP

The HTTP options determine various parameters iSiloX uses when communicating with HTTP web servers.


Web browsers and other programs that connect to a web server usually send information to the web server to identify the user agent used to access the server. Some web servers may not answer requests for content from user agents which do not identify themselves.

By default, iSiloX sends User-Agent information. The edit box under Send User-Agent header line shows what iSiloX sends for this. You can uncheck Send User-Agent header line if you do not want iSiloX to send the user agent information. Click Default to reset the value to iSiloX's default identification value.


Depending on network conditions, communication may take longer. To prevent premature timeout of iSiloX's connection to HTTP web servers, you can set the number of times iSiloX will retry a given attempt to download content and the timeout values used to determine whether a connection failed.

Maximum retries

You specify the maximum number of times iSiloX tries to download a given page by setting the Maximum number of retrieval attempts per page field.

Maximum wait times

You can set the maximum number of seconds iSiloX waits for each of the following: