Document Properties: Targets

The Targets properties page allows you to specify options that allow the document to be the target of a link from an external document. This type of linking is known as external document linking.


The settings here determine which anchors can be targets of links from other documents and their stored format within the document.

Which targets to export

Target lookup

Select an option here to determine the stored format of exported targets and thus what method other documents must use to externally link to the document:

The stored format of exported targets of a document determines the method that other documents must use to link externally to the document. See the Lookup option in the section on the External Documents dialog for more information on how a target lookup occurs when a jump occurs to an external document.

Map file

Check the Generate map file and save to this file option to generate a map file. A map file contains the information about the exported targets of the document that is needed for converting other documents that externally link to the document. In the edit field, specify the full path name to which to write the map file. In a document that links to this document, you would normally specify the path of the generated map file using the Map file field of the External Documents dialog.