Document Properties: Bookmarks

The Bookmarks properties page allows you to specify settings for adding predefined bookmarks to a document.

A document may have up to 1024 bookmarks. Predefined bookmarks may be generated from hyperlinks in an HTML file and/or from the named anchors in the document source files. If both are specified, bookmarks specified in the HTML file are added before those from named anchors in the document source files.


Check the Generate bookmarks using the hyperlinks in this HTML file checkbox and specify the path to an HTML file in the edit box right below it. Each hyperlink in the file adds a bookmark to the document in the same order as the hyperlinks appear in the file. The hyperlink text (e.g., the content between the opening <a href="target"> tag and the closing </a> tag) serves as the bookmark name.

Named Anchors

Check the Generate bookmarks from named anchors checkbox and select an option for the type of named anchors to use:

Microsoft Word Web Page

If the source files for your document were saved in the Microsoft Word Web Page format, then select this option. In this case, only named anchors that do not begin with an underscore character (e.g., '_') are added as bookmarks. The anchor names serve as the bookmark names.


Select this option to unconditionally add all named anchors as bookmarks, with the anchor names serving as the bookmark names.


Select this option to add all named anchors as bookmarks but subject to optional inclusion and/or exclusion conditions.