iSiloX Clipper

iSiloX Clipper for Internet Explorer 5.0 or later provides an easy way to "clip" pages as you browse the Web. When you install iSiloX, you have the option of whether or not to install iSiloX Clipper for Internet Explorer. The option to install is the default and results in the addition of the "iSiloX Clipper" icon to the Internet Explorer toolbar and the addition of the "iSiloX Clipper" command to the Internet Explorer Tools menu.

Using iSiloX Clipper

While browsing the Web with Internet Explorer, when you come across a page with content you want to convert to an iSilo™ document, start iSiloX Clipper by clicking either the "iSiloX Clipper" icon on the toolbar or the "iSiloX Clipper" command on the Tools menu. If you only want to convert part of the content on the page, select it first before starting iSiloX Clipper.

Quick setup

The first time you start iSiloX Clipper, you are asked to complete a quick setup if you have not already done so with iSiloX and you have either HotSync® or ActiveSync® installed. The quick setup allows you to choose a default HotSync® or ActiveSync® destination for your converted documents and to choose a device. Currently the device choice determines the maximum width and height beyond which images are resized and whether images are converted to color or not.

The iSiloX Clipper dialog

The iSiloX Clipper dialog allows you to set options for conversion. This section describes the fields and buttons available in the dialog.


iSiloX Clipper initializes the Title field with up to the first 31 characters of the page's title. You can modify the title to something else if the page's title is not appropriate. But note that the title can only be up to 31 characters in length and you should give each document you create a unique title as documents or files with the same title overwrite one another.


The category chosen only has an effect when the document is installed to a Palm OS® device. When iSilo™ for Palm OS® first sees a document that specifies a category, it places the document in that category. For more information about this, see the Document Properties: Document reference page's Default Categories section. To edit the category list, click Edit list. To choose the category initially selected each time you start iSiloX Clipper, click Default Properties, go to the Document tab, and select the desired category in the Default Category section.

Save to

If you performed the quick setup, the Save to list should have one destination, the HotSync® or ActiveSync® destination you chose in the quick setup. You can also have the converted document written to a folder or to a specific file name. Right-click in the list to add or modify destinations. To set up or modify the destinations that initially appear in the list each time you start iSiloX Clipper, click Default Properties and go to the Destination tab. See Document Properties: Destination for more information about destinations.

Include images

If you do not want images included in the converted document, uncheck Include images. By default, images are included. To set the default, click Default Properties go to the Images tab, and either check or uncheck Include images depending on your desired default. See Document Properties: Images for more information about image conversion options.

Maximum link depth

By default, links are not followed (e.g., maximum link depth is zero). If you say follow links to a maximum depth of 1, then only links from the current page are followed. You are recommended to not set the maximum link depth to greater than one because the amount of downloaded files and the size of the converted document may increase significantly. To set the default maximum link depth, click Default Properties, go to the Links tab, and set the Maximum link depth setting to your desired default preference. See Document Properties: Links for more information about link options.


Click Properties to set detailed options for the current conversion. See Document Properties for more information on all the possible options. Note that the Access and Cookies tabs are not available since options related to those two tabs can not be set for iSiloX Clipper.

Default Properties

Click Default Properties to set default options for future conversions. See Document Properties for more information on all the possible options. Note that the Access and Cookies tabs are not available since options related to those two tabs can not be set for iSiloX Clipper.


Click Convert to perform the conversion. iSiloX Clipper presents a progress dialog during the conversion. If the conversion completes successfully, iSiloX Clipper presents a message telling you that the conversion successfully completed and the resulting size of the file.