Change a document's image settings

You change a document's image settings when you need to either exclude images from a document or change the size or color depth of included images.

To change a document's image settings, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the document's properties. See Modify a document's properties for how to do this.
  2. Click the Images tab.
  3. Check or uncheck Include alternative text of images to include or not include the alternative text of images. The alternative text of images is text that is intended to provide a very brief description of an image for viewers that can not display the image. Usually if you include images in your document, you leave this setting unchecked.
  4. Check or uncheck Include images to include or not include images. Including images can increase a document's size significantly.
  5. If you include images, then check or uncheck Resize large images to have iSiloX resize or not resize large images. You will usually want to leave this setting checked so that even originally large images display in their entirety on the screen rather than requiring you to scroll around to see different parts.
  6. Check or uncheck Improve contrast to tell iSiloX whether you want it to apply processing to improve the contrast between light and dark in black and white and grayscale images.
  7. Check or uncheck Dither to tell iSiloX whether or not to dither images. Dithering improves the look of images at bit depths less than 16.
  8. Check or uncheck Compress to tell iSiloX whether or not to attempt to compress images. The amount of compression varies depending on image content, but checking the compression option usually decreases the size of the resulting document.
  9. Select the color bit depths to include in the document. For each color bit depth you select, a version of each image at that bit depth is included. Image processing does not occur when the document is viewed, so you must decide at this time which color bit depths to include. The more bit depths you include, the larger the document. See Document Properties: Images for more on this topic.
  10. Click OK to accept the new settings.