Creating Fonts for Font Silo™

Font Silo™, a new component introduced with iSilo™ for Palm OS® 4.0, allows a user to custom install fonts for use in displaying documents. You can use iSiloX for Windows to create Font Silo™ fonts, which are bitmapped fonts created from Windows installed fonts. You can specify any resolution from 50 to 300 DPI when creating the fonts, include multiple font sizes from 5 to 99 point, and for each size, you can include multiple styles.

Make Font

In the Tools menu, click Make Font to begin the font creation process. Then follow these steps:
  1. In the Font field, select the Windows installed font to use for creating the bitmapped font set.
  2. In the Device field, select the model of the device to which you will be installing the font set. iSiloX uses your selection to choose an appropriate resolution for the fonts. If your model is not listed, you can instead select the Screen resolution of your device. Alternatively, you can manually set the font resolution using the Screen DPI field.
  3. Click Next to go to the next step for choosing the sizes and styles to include.
  4. By default, iSiloX initializes the sizes and styles to include. To add another size and style combination to the list, select the Size and Style, then click Add. If you want to remove entries from the list, select them, then click Remove. For a given size, if you do not add a bold or italic version of the font, iSilo™ for Palm OS® will synthesize the effect, so to reduce the size of the font set, you can just include plain versions of each size you want.
  5. iSiloX initialize the Font Set Name with the name of the font, but you can edit the field and give the font set a different name.
  6. To create the font set, click either Queue for HotSync or Save to file. If you want the font to automatically install to your device during the next HotSync®, then select your HotSync® user name and then click Queue for HotSync. Alternatively, you can save the created font set file for later installation. In this case, click Save to file and choose where you want to save the file.


The character set of the generated font set is that of the Windows-1252 Western European text encoding. You can not currently generate font sets for other character sets or text encodings.